How to get the most out of the BRC self-assessment tool

How to get the most out of the BRC self-assessment tool
How to get the most out of the BRC self-assessment tool

If you are BRC-V8 compliant, or looking to be, you will have downloaded the BRC self-assessment tool. This is the BRC audit checklist. It’s what the BRC auditor will go through. So of course it’s the standard you need to work towards and maintain in the day-to-day running of your food manufacturing business.


How can you drill down further?

The BRC self-assessment tool is hugely detailed. However, each point needs to be broken down even further. As an example, on the BRC self-assessment tool states:

There shall be a documented policy for the controlled use and storage of sharp metal implements including knives, cutting blades on equipment, needles and wires. This shall include a record of inspection for damage and the investigation of any lost items. Snap-off blade knives shall not be used.”

There are many elements you need to check, before you can be confident that you fully adhere to So it’s important to break it down. To prepare BRC Gap Analysis  we have used logic to make sure that each requirement is covered. That way, nothing is missed. Here’s what we did for

By the time you have answered all relevant questions, you can be confident you have covered all elements of that item. Confidence is key. Otherwise you will need to keep going back to double-check whether you got it right the first time.


How can you make the BRC self-assessment tool more collaborative?

This is paramount when you identify gaps, or non-conformances. You need to collaborate with colleagues to ensure that corrective action addresses these gaps. It’s also critical to be certain that correction actions have been done to the required standard, rather than a quick patch-up.



The Actions feature of BRC Gap Analysis allows you to do just that. You can:

  • Select the person you want to assign the action to.
  • Specify the severity, as minor, major, or critical.
  • Specify the deadline.
  • You can select a Verifier.
  • Describe the action.
  • Request that you receive an email notification whenever the action is updated.
  • If you go to the History tab, you can see how that action has been updated.


What about consulting an expert?

Particularly if you are working towards your first BRC audit, expert advice is key. You know your food manufacturing business inside out. But a BRC expert knows the BRC standards inside out! I would recommend asking for referrals for consultants who can walk you through the process. They bring with them a wealth of knowledge and experience. This will make your audit-preparation process more manageable.


So what’s next?

BRC Gap Analysis helps remove the pain from the BRC audit preparation, freeing up time for your business, and increasing confidence that there are no gaps. Start your free trial now.