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How it works

Smart gap analysis for any food manufacturing business.

BRC Gap Analysis allows you to assess if you’re on track to BRC compliance, so that you can determine the work involved to comply.

This sophisticated yet intuitive solution is a gap analysis with extras.

What does the solution do?

  • Built on BRC-V8, using their sections and clauses.

  • Several questions asked per clause. Mark each question as Yes (we meet the requirements), No, or N/A. If all questions are marked Yes or N/A, then that clause is automatically marked as Met, i.e. no gaps there.

  • For each question you can identify relevant documents, e.g. policies, meeting minutes; or make additional notes.

  • For each question, you can comment raise action, assign a responsible person to complete the action, set deadlines, and assign a verifier.

What useful reports can you generate?


  • Ratio of compliant points.

  • Drilling down into each gap, to see which action has been raised, by whom, and what progress has been made.

  • Which tasks are outstanding, sorted by date they need to completed by.

  • Which tasks have been completed, but still need verification?

  • Where is each section up to? So you can check which sections need most work.


The solution is based on BRC-V8. Each gap analysis question corresponds directly to the Sections and Clauses of BRC-V8. So the solution will help you get a detailed overview of which gaps you need to address to ensure compliance.


You can generate detailed reports using the solution. And you are asked to input tasks, deadlines, and responsible person for each gap. This will help you oversee tasks to ensure you address all gaps.


You can see gaps and outstanding tasks split by Section, responsible person, deadline, or other criteria.



All the information is available at the click of a button. It is presented in a user-friendly way, allowing you and your colleagues to easily check where you are up to with your compliance process.

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