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smart gap analysis for any food manufacturing business

>   Key for internal audits, so that you’re always audit-ready   <

>   Allows you to track changes on a regular basis   <

>   Helps you quickly identify and present documentation and corrective action related to clauses  <

BRC Gap Analysis in action

See how you can smoothly address BRC non-conformances.

Manage a complex standard using a simple and clear interface.

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You’ve created a really powerful tool for technical teams to use to internally audit their BRCGS compliance.


We have a number of spreadsheets that we use, but this will replace most of them.

What does the solution do?

  • Built on BRCGS Global Standards, using the BRCGS standards’ sections and clauses.

  • Several questions asked per clause. Mark each question as Yes (we meet the requirements), No, or N/A. Gaps highlighted if questions are marked No.

  • For each question you can comment and identify relevant documents, e.g. policies; or make additional notes.

  • For non-conformances, you can raise action, assign a responsible person to complete the action, set deadlines, and assign a verifier.

Which useful reports can you generate?


  • Overview of each section, in terms of compliance and completion (separately).

  • Drill down into each gap, to see which action has been raised, by whom, and what progress has been made.

  • List of tasks still outstanding, sorted by date they need to completed by.

  • List of tasks that are completed, but still need verification.

I have already done my BRCGS Food Safety - gap analysis. So what's in it for me?

* When processes or products change, review the gap analysis to make sure you remain compliant.

* Maintain a history log and audit trail of your audits and actions related to the BRCGS Global Standard clauses.

* Collaboratively conduct internal audits to remain compliant (IA)… and use the actions workflow to be confident that corrective and preventive actions are closed.

Comply with BRCGS standards

Each gap analysis question corresponds directly to the BRCGS clauses. Reliably check which gaps you need to address. Easily see who updated which information, how, and when.

close corrective actions

Generate comprehensive reports. For each non-conformance, input tasks, deadlines, responsible person, and verifier. Receive automatic email updates.

know what to work on

Monitor gaps and outstanding tasks split by section, stages in the corrective action process, responsible person, or other criteria.


oversee the process

All the information is available at the click of a button. It is presented in a user-friendly way. Easily check where you are up to with completion or compliance.

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