A more efficient way than spreadsheets and paper
Close non-conformances effectively and on time
Maintain audit-readiness by using a system that tracks all your updates for you
Be less stressed for your audit as the information you need is all in one place

How it works

BRC Gap Analysis in action

See how you can easily address BRC non-conformances.

Manage a complex standard using a simple and clear interface.

Be more efficient with your internal audits

I have already done my BRCGS Food Safety - Issue 8 gap analysis. So what's in it for me?

>   When processes or products change, review the gap analysis to make sure you remain compliant   <

>   Conduct internal audits to remain compliant … actions workflow shows how corrective and preventive actions are closed   <

>   Link documentation to clauses for quick referencing and audit readiness  <

>   Maintain a history log and audit trail of your audits and actions related to the BRC Global Standard clause   <

Comply with BRC standards

Each gap analysis question corresponds directly to the BRCGS clauses. Reliably check which gaps you need to address. Easily track changes to the gap analysis process.

close corrective actions

Generate comprehensive reports. For each non-conformance, deadlines, input tasks, responsible person, and verifier. Receive automatic email updates.

know what to work on

Monitor gaps and outstanding tasks split by section, priority, responsible person, or other criteria.


oversee the process

Complex information is available at the click of a button. It is presented in a user-friendly way. Easily check where you are up to with completion or compliance.


BRC is recognised worldwide and as such our solution can be used in the UK as well as internationally.


Our intelligent software is designed for BRC Food Safety Issue 8 and Packaging Materials Issue 6, and is updated as BRC guidelines change.


We work alongside you for a fast, professional delivery of our product.


We’ve been developing gap analysis solutions for over 20 years. BRC Gap Analysis is designed by the same expert team behind Progrex IT Solutions.

BRC Gap Analysis is an intelligent yet simple solution that analyses your current BRCGS compliance processes. It then clearly shows if you’re on track and the actions required to comply.

We want to help you demonstrate and ensure that you meet rigorous BRCGS standards.


You’ve created a really powerful tool for technical teams to use to internally audit their BRC compliance.


We have a number of spreadsheets that we use, but this will replace most of them.


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